Terms & Conditions

Booking Information.

When you make a booking, you commit to taking the property off of the open market, which in turn prevents other interested parties from being able to book those dates.   

If you do decide to cancel then this causes a situation which affects us greatly.

Please do not make a booking if you think you are likely to cancel.

By making this booking, you agree that you have considered your booking, and this information, in advance of making your booking, and that you are committed to any booking(s) on any dates that you have selected.  

Please note that we operate a fairly strict no refund policy in almost all circumstances.



You agree to the following;

No heels are to be worn inside the house.  This is to protect the wooden flooring and linoleum.


Not to permit any waste, injury or damage to the Property.  Not to affix anything to the walls.  

The use of Sellotape, Blu Tack, or equivalents is prohibited.  Strictly no confetti.

Additional charges will be applied if necessary. 


Not to cause or allow any blockages to drains and pipes in or about the Property. 

Common causes of blockages for which guests would be responsible include, but are not limited to, pouring fat down the sink, failure to remove hair from plugholes and flushing inappropriate things (eg nappies or sanitary towels) down toilets.


Not to permit any additional guest(s) to stay in the property without prior consent.  

Please ensure you have selected the correct number of guests for your stay.  

The number of permitted guests is displayed on all Booking Confirmations.


To allow the owner and/or his agents and others, with or without notice and at reasonable hours of the day, to enter the property to view the state and condition.  To execute repairs and other works upon the Property as are deemed necessary.


Not to permit or suffer to be done on the Property anything which may be likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance to any person residing, visiting or otherwise engaged in a lawful activity in the locality.   

This responsibility includes the actions and behaviour of all guests.

      Be a good neighbour!

Not to make or permit any noise or play any loud radio, television or other equipment, in or about the Property between the hours of 10pm and 7am, so as to be an audible nuisance to others.  Noise levels at the property are monitored.  

      No late-night parties!

That all guests must not smoke within the building of the Property.

      No smoking indoors!

No fires to be lit on the property.  This includes BBQ’s.


If you lock yourself out of the property then there will be a fee of £100 applied for an emergency call out.